It’s weird how life always manages to bring in new challenges each day. Feels like yesterday that i joined BITS, feels like yesterday when i came back home for my first summers, and again, feels like yesterday that i came back home for these.

A weeks catching up with what’s going on at home, a weeks missing-the-campus, a weeks rest, and i have things to do in my hand again. Though a little lazy, but i am not complaining! Looking forward to an amazing learning experience with GSoC 2012.

Funny thing about GSoC is, it  always  feels like it’s not as simple i had imagined! I have done my share of Java programming, but those were simple codes, with hardly 10-15 classes and a few errors to handle here and there. And for that matter, even my project at NRNB, Cytoscape is a simple logic-simple code one. But what is over-whelming for me is the varied industry tools which i am supposed to use. Some new names, which i heard during the application process, tried to work with them, failed and am now again trying to figure them out are-






and a few more.. Eclipse, which used to be a simple IDE in the good old days, has now decided to throw errors after everything new i do to it. And so, most of my time so far has gone into Googling and debugging things. But then, it’s a tool afterall, sooner or later, I’ll fix it and make it work! 😀

An exciting week coming up then!

PS: If anyone has any good links or references to any topics i have mentioned above, please do share. Thanks!